About Black Road Vet

Compassionate Patient Care. Evidence-Based Diagnosis. Continuing Education. Active Team Supporter.

Black Road Veterinary Services is a multi-veterinarian practice in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Formed in 1997 by Dr. Anita Niessen, the clinic has since expanded to include the expertise of veterinarians Dr. Kerry Gould and Dr. Derek Beduhn.

Located just north of Second Line East, Black Road specializes in companion and small animal care, including emergency services, preventative health, diagnostic imaging, dentistry and other medical services. Dr. Niessen and the team at Black Road focus their efforts on the four pillars of compassionate patient care, evidence-based diagnosis, continuing education and being an active team supporter.

Compassionate Patient Care

First and foremost, Black Road is dedicated to offering exceptional care through compassion and enthusiasm. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of pets and their place in a family. Professional service and careful diagnosis is matched with individual attention tailored for each animal to reduce stress, improve health and maintain wellbeing.

Evidence-Based Diagnosis

Just as good science is good observation, appropriate diagnosis requires careful investigation and data collection. Our regular checkups are carefully designed to address both acute needs and monitor long-term and changing health condition to proactively address concerns before they become problems. Patients of Black Road are considered family and we are committed to meeting their current, and future, health needs.

Continuing Education

As with any life sciences field, animal medicine continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Black Road stays on the forefront of our field through continuing education opportunities for both veterinarians and support staff, investing in new diagnostic technologies and archiving all of records digitally to monitor patient health in the long-term. As new therapies are developed, we carefully examine published methodologies and assess how we best integrate techniques into our patient care.

Active Team Supporter

As our greatest asset, Black Road is committed to fostering a positive environment for our staff and providing opportunities for personal development. From the front office to surgical procedures and bookkeeping, our staff provide the insight and expertise needed to make a positive impact on our patients quality of life. We are proud to be contribute to employee retirement savings and be an active participant in the community of Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding area.