New Client Information

Black Road Veterinary Services is currently accepting new clients. To enquire regarding our services or to setup an appointment, simply submit this form or call us at 705.253.7831. This page outlines some general information and things you can expect at our office.

The Office Call

During an exam, a Veterinary Technician may come in first to take a brief history as well as take a temperature, heart rate and answer any questions relating to diet, flea/parasite prevention or training suggestions. A Veterinarian will complete a thorough physical exam and address any of your concerns. We do ask that all pets be controlled either by leash or crate as not all pets are enthusiastic as others to meet new friends.

Veterinary Diets

Keep in mind that not only do we provide high-quality prescription diets from well-researched, reputable companies; we also have maintenance diets available for puppies through to seniors provided from these same companies. These include dental diets as well as weight loss and joint-care diets. Ask a staff member to recommend an appropriate diet for your pet’s specific needs!

Surgical Procedures

When your pet is admitted for a surgical procedure at our clinic, you can expect:
  • A small panel of blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough to metabolize an anesthetic as well as be able to recover and heal properly.
  • Your pet will be put on IV fluids to help stabilize their blood pressure as well as provide us with emergency IV access if needed.
  • Your pet will not only be hooked up to various machines to monitor vital signs, but also closely monitored by a trained and educated Veterinary Technician.
  • Your pet will be placed on a warming bed during surgery to help regulate body temperature, and then wrapped in warm, comfortable blankets to recover.
  • Our surgical patients are administered the appropriate pain medication before, during and/or after their procedure to ensure their comfort.